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Sheepless Nights (2D Shooter Game)

You're extremely tired and all you want to do is sleep. However, sleep is a long way to come! Pesky sheep (noise, anxiety, caffeine) are trying to keep you awake. Count the sheep and defeat them with the power of your yawns as you make your way towards the object of your greatest dreams—your bed.

Art direction and asset creation—Joy Yang
Code and Concept—Taylor Abatiell

Our intial iteration can be found here:
NOTE: It's our first finish and has issues. Namely, the score counter was working in previous versions but managed to mysteriously disappear. We'll get it to work!

Joy yang sheepless start

Start Screen

Joy yang newmedia gamecollab buttonsidk

How to Play (on game controller)

Joy yang sheepless bg all

Full background, from Mid, to Twi, to Daylight, and all the transitions between. Credit to the Twi-to-Day transition and Daylight background goes to my partner, Taylor.

Joy yang sheepless 4

Our background was done in four layers. This is the bottom.

Joy yang sheepless 2

Walking Area (Background Layer 3). There's a layer of white Z's that scroll on top as Layer 2.

Joy yang sheepless 1

Layer 1, the foreground, with all furniture (Kitchen, Living room, Study, up the stairs to Bedroom)

Joy yang sheepless night

Midnight background. The floor lines are geometry roots that reach from the trees to the walking area. The foreground shows the "reality" the player is walking through; here is the kitchen.

Joy yang sheepless mid

Transition from Mid to Twilight. The background colors start moving to the foreground (as noted when the desaturated light blue from the Midnight background becomes the walking area for Twilight). The furniture is from a living room.

Joy yang sheepless twi

Twilight background. Here are things found in a study.

Joy yang oie ck7p5xpgzhrp 1

Four final sprite designs - the Player, the Eye (Anxiety) Sheep, Radio (loud noises) Sheep, and Caffeine Sheep. Our sheep are things that keep people up at night.

Bottom row are the initial designs for Player and one sheep.

Joy yang sheepless end

The Game Over Screen

Joy yang sheepless win

You WIN.... but it's already dawn. That's life.

Joy yang newmedia gamecollab creditslarger

Credits screen